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Transform Your Space with ORTAL Elegance

Discover ORTAL’s range of contemporary gas fireplaces, blending unparalleled quality with stunning aesthetics. Perfect for homeowners seeking a modern touch.

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Front Facing Fireplaces

Elevate your living space with ORTAL's front-facing fireplaces, offering sleek design and efficient heating.

Indoor-Outdoor Tunnel Fireplaces

ORTAL's island and curve fireplaces are the epitome of style and functionality, ideal for bespoke interior designs.

Island and Curve Fireplaces

Bring home the charm of a classic woodstove with the convenience of gas. Kingsman Freestanding Gas Stoves offer safe, efficient heating and can be installed anywhere in your home, adding warmth and elegance to any space​​.

Design with ORTAL: Unleash Creativity

ORTAL fireplaces offer interior designers the flexibility to create unique, captivating spaces with high-quality, stylish fireplaces.

Innovative Layouts

Explore creative layouts with ORTAL's diverse range of fireplaces, enhancing your design projects.

Ambient Lighting Options

ORTAL's fireplaces with integrated lighting add an extra layer of ambiance to your designs.

Customizable Features

Tailor each project with ORTAL's customizable features, ensuring every design is unique.

Photo of Ortal Fireplaces
Photo of Ortal Fireplaces

Elevate Homes with ORTAL Fireplaces

ORTAL’s luxury fireplaces offer home builders unmatched quality and contemporary designs, perfect for modern residential projects.

Customizable Solutions

ORTAL fireplaces provide versatile, customizable options, ideal for unique home building projects.

Efficient Heating Technology

Incorporate ORTAL's efficient heating solutions for comfort and sustainability in new homes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bring a touch of elegance to homes with ORTAL's aesthetically pleasing fireplace designs.

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