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Warmth with Style in Every Flame

Experience the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern design with Marquis fireplaces. Each piece is a Canadian-crafted masterpiece, bringing lasting warmth to your home.

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Gas Fireplaces: Elegance Meets Innovation

With expansive glass and designer options, Marquis gas fireplaces, like the Bentley and Enclave, redefine elegance and modernity for your living space​​​​.

Outdoor Fireplaces: Transform Your Evenings

Enhance your outdoor living with the Aurora and Bola. Marquis outdoor fireplaces create unforgettable nights under the stars with exceptional style​​.

Transform Spaces with Ambient Warmth

Marquis fireplaces offer a myriad of design possibilities, elevating any interior project with their customizable features and sophisticated look.

Sleek and Modern Aesthetics

The Infinite fireplace adds a contemporary touch with its sleek design, making it a perfect focal point for modern spaces​​.

Classic Elegance Redefined

Choose the Solace for its versatility in design, ideal for creating a timeless and warm atmosphere in any room​​.

Unique and Customizable Designs

The Solara II stands out with its custom options, allowing designers to craft unique fireplace experiences for every client​​.

Photo of Marquis Fireplaces

Add Distinctive Elegance to New Homes

Marquis fireplaces bring a unique selling point to any new build, offering a range of styles from classic to contemporary that homeowners will love.

Expansive Views with Style

The Bentley 48 provides expansive glass viewing areas, making it an ideal choice for luxury builds focusing on open and bright spaces​​.

Three-Dimensional Design Impact

Incorporate the Enclave in projects for its captivating wraparound view, adding a stunning three-dimensional aspect to any living space​​.

Cozy Sophistication for Modern Homes

he Serene model combines beautiful designer details with comfort, perfect for creating a cozy yet sophisticated environment in new homes​​.

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