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Extend Your Evenings with Barbara Jean Fireplaces

Barbara Jean Fireplaces bring life to your outdoor spaces, offering a range of customizable options for cozy, memorable gatherings.

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Transform Patios with Outdoor Elegance

Elevate your outdoor experience with Barbara Jean’s Outdoor Fireplaces, perfect for extending summer evenings and enhancing patio ambiance.

Customizable Warmth for Every Space

Barbara Jean offers flexibility in design. From burners to fire tables, create the perfect outdoor setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Crafted for Canadian Winters, Enjoyed Year-Round

Designed and built in Canada, Barbara Jean Outdoor Fireplaces are made to withstand the elements, providing warmth and beauty in all seasons.

Design Al Fresco Living Masterpieces

Incorporate Barbara Jean Outdoor Fireplaces in your designs to create captivating outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with nature and architecture.

Tailored Designs for Unique Spaces

Utilize the customizable options of Barbara Jean for unique outdoor setups, from intimate gatherings to grand alfresco dining areas.

Elevate Outdoor Aesthetics

Transform outdoor areas into luxurious extensions of the home, where design meets functionality in the warmth of an outdoor fireplace.

Versatile Elements for Diverse Projects

Choose from a range of Barbara Jean products to suit various design themes, from modern linear fireplaces to classic fire tables.

Photo of Barbara Jean Fireplaces
Photo of Barbara Jean Fireplaces

Build Enchanting Outdoor Experiences

Integrate Barbara Jean Outdoor Fireplaces into your building projects for an added allure, enhancing outdoor living spaces with warmth and style.

Customizable Solutions for Every Project

Leverage the flexibility of Barbara Jean's outdoor fireplaces to meet diverse client needs and elevate the appeal of outdoor spaces.

Durable and Stylish for Canadian Climates

Utilize Barbara Jean’s durable design, ideal for year-round enjoyment, adding value and distinction to homes in any climate.

Versatile Installations for Unique Builds

From linear fireplaces to fire tables, offer a range of Barbara Jean products to suit different outdoor settings and design preferences.

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